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Tecolote Films is an independent film production company based in Mexico City. It was founded in 2007 by Eugenio Polgovsky and Rosario Ezcurra with the aim of producing Eugenio’s nonfiction films and of finding partners for distribution. In 2008, Tecolote Films released The Inheritors, followed by Mitote in 2012 and Resurrection in 2016 (in coproduction with Piano and Imcine). Since Eugenio’s passing in August 2017, Tecolote Films has been organising tribute screenings at venues and festivals around the world. The company has also cocreated the Eugenio Polgovsky Award at Cinema Planeta, the only international environmental film festival in Mexico. Run by Mara Polgovsky, Tecolote Films is committed to completing Eugenio’s unfinished projects–which include two feature documentaries–and ensuring that his previous work continues to be seen and valued. 

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