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Success, 2014



Dir: Eugenio Polgovsky. New York, USA, 2014. 3 min

Filmed in Times Square, this short film presents a dystopian vision of urban life, in which the celebration of high finance rewrites the topography of the city, while natural landscapes and indigenous cultures are trapped in a hyperbolic visual regime.

Lighhtbyrinth, 2016



Dir: Eugenio Polgovsky. Cambridge, UK, 2016. 7 min

In Lightbyrinth, 21st-century digital technology meets 19th-century animation in a homage to eminent physicist James C. Maxwell. Filmed in Cambridge using his original zoetrope, the film conjures a sense of wonder at early image-making processes. Intricate editing and sound design create a playful diffraction of colors and a joyful dance of lights and bodies.

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