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Dir: Eugenio Polgovsky and Mara Polgovsky. Mexico, 2022. 64 min


For seven days and nights filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky and his five-year-old daughter, Milena, contemplate a nurturing dove nesting her chick on a hazardous entanglement of electric cables situated right outside their balcony. As the camera captures the trio’s intersecting lives over several days and nights, the loving intimacy between father and daughter prompts conversations about the relationship between humans and nature and the very meaning of filmmaking. Polgovsky’s sister, Mara, found this material after Eugenio died suddenly, aged 40, and carefully edited it into a film that is both his and hers. Malintzin 17 is a minimalist, visually alluring ecological plea that ponders how nature is forced to adapt to an ever expanding human infrastructure.

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